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500kg +

Frenergy is one of Australia’s leading online retailers of magnets and magnetic equipment. Our range of magnets is broad, encompassing itty bitty craft magnets through to super powered magnets like the ones in this category. Here you will find a selection of strong magnets with a pull force of over 500 kilograms. Powerful magnets such as these are suited to commercial and industrial settings. They require specialist handling by trained professionals who are experienced in dealing with heavy duty magnets. 

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500kg +

This category of powerful magnets includes several fishing magnets, magnetic lifters and even an assembled Halbach Array. Fishing magnets are a specially adapted holding pot magnet designed for water retrieval applications. Magnetic lifters are used in many warehouses and manufactures to ensure the safe maneuvering of steel sheets, pipes and other ferrous materials. The Halbach Array is a unique arrangement of magnets. It produces a super charged magnetic field out one side and cancels the magnetic field produced on the reverse side.

Fishing magnets

Fishing magnets have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Although the design of the magnet itself is nothing new, the idea of using it for magnetic fishing is a relatively recent phenomenon. Simply put, fishing magnets are a Neodymium magnetic disc housed inside a steel cup. Attached to the steel cup are one or more eyelets. These allow for rope to be easily threaded through the hole. 

The magnet is then cast out and the magnet is given slack to descend into the water. If there are any ferrous materials in the vicinity of the magnet they will attach to the magnet and the operator can pull them out using the rope. 

This has indeed become a pastime for many anglers who enjoy the thrill of finding potential treasures at the bottom of waterways. European cities in particular have seen a dramatic rise in the popularity of this form of fishing. Powerful magnets have been able to retrieve all sorts of treasures including weapons of war along with far more modern objects. 

Fishing magnets are also useful for clean up crews looking to remove debris from natural waterways. Unfortunately rivers and creeks fill up with trolleys, tires, barrels and bicycles dumped into their depths. Heavy duty magnets are a safe and cost efficient means of removing these items. 

Magnetic Lifters

One of the most popular products in our Tools and Equipment range is our magnetic lifters. They come in a number of different lifting capacities. Magnetic lifters are a universally loved product for any industrial workplace that is using heavy steel. They help to remove the risks and costs associated with dragging and lifting heavy steel. 

The magnetic lifter can be hooked into any existing rigging system. It is compatible with traditional chain or electrical powered block and tackle assemblies, truck-mounted hydraulic-powered cranes, site cranes and hoists. 

These lifters are built to last. They use powerful neodymium magnets and are built with a robust outer case and handle. They dramatically reduce costs as they allow a single person to lift, move and then release objects with an easy to use lever. No longer do you need multiple people to encircle an object with chains or nets. Crushing injuries to personnel and stock damage are risks that are greatly reduced when magnetic lifters are in use.

Best uses for magnets with 500kg+ pull force?

The powerful magnets in the 500kg + category are well suited to moving heavy steel objects and materials. 

Magnetic products with a pull force of more than 500kg are for use by professional operators in industrial or commercial settings. This type of equipment is potentially extremely dangerous. It should not be used by inexperienced handlers or those not familiar with the power of large and powerful magnets.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel vertically. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel)  are generally able to hold around 30% of the pull force listed due to the effects of gravity and the lack of traction between the surface and the shiny magnet.