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Flexible, Secure Magnetic Strips

Shop Frenergy’s high-quality versatile & durable magnetic strips here.

At Frenergy, our range of flexible long magnetic strips are built from strong, durable, and highly magnetic materials, including impenetrable Neodymium—the world’s strongest magnet!
For a firm and secure hold, shop Frenergy’s wide range of premium, high-grade long magnetic strips here.
Available in a variety of different lengths, widths, thicknesses and strengths to suit any environment or application.

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Flexible, Secure Magnetic Strips

Magnetic Long Strips

Magnetic Strips & Neodymium Magnetic Strip Products

Among Frenergy’s wide range of different magnetic strips are self-adhesive options, warning tapes and tape measures, ensuring there’s a product for every application.
The self-adhesive long magnetic strip is ideal for creating a magnetic area without requiring a ferrous metallic backing to stick to, adding versatility to your applications! Our range also includes a super-handy and versatile Magnetic Tape Dispenser; able to hold, store and cut the selected length of tape!
Frenergy has a range of flexible magnetic products, including long magnetic strips with or without handy self-adhesive backing. These flexible strips are known as magnetic tapes in some workplaces and industries.
The Frenergy range of magnetic strips includes various adhesive-backed tapes in matching pole A and B parts that bond to each other to form a magnetic seal between surfaces. These are ideal for fitting double glazing to existing windows and are sold in 30-metre rolls, or by the metre. Cut the A strip with scissors to a length that matches each side of your window frame. Cut the B strip to corresponding lengths and adhere it to each edge of your glazing. The A and B strips will now hold the glazing to the frame magnetically and the glazing can be easily removed for cleaning or to open the window.

Frenergy also stocks coloured PVC magnetic tapes that are 50mm wide and sold in 1-metre lengths. These strips can be cut to any size and are ideal for making DIY magnetic labels for the warehouse or office and can also be used for hobbies and handicrafts.

We also stock a range of high-grade reflective magnetic Warning Tapes.

These tapes have various traditional warning patterns designed to draw attention to hazardous locations and can help cordon off dangerous areas in the workplace. They help inform staff and customers of potentially harmful circumstances, including sharp, damaged, and uneven surfaces. Frenergy Magnetic Warning Tapes can be applied to fences, roller doors, warehouse racking, vehicles, machinery, or any other steel surface. Their highly reflective outward-facing surface makes the tapes easily visible at night.

How to use magnetic tape

These flexible magnetic strips are frequently used for labelling stock in warehouses and office spaces, in promotional displays, and hanging banners, posters, and printed documents. Its flexible rubber material can easily be cut into any length with scissors or a craft knife—allowing you to cut the strip into any length without waste. Our magnetic tapes are highly resistant to demagnetisation and chemical agents.
Their many uses and variations ensure you’ll find the magnetic strip that’s best for your application.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How strong is magnetic tape?

The strength of any tape varies as the width, length, and thickness of each particular tape also vary—the thicker and wider the tape, typically, the stronger it is. Wide tapes have more holding ability than narrower tapes. Flexible tape magnets containing Neodymium material are super-strong and have far superior strength to Ferrite-based magnetic tapes.

What is magnetic tape made from?

Most flexible magnetic tape is made from a Ferrite and rubber compound, and sometimes features a self-adhesive backing. Some magnetic tape products contain Rare Earth (Neodymium) —a material that is super-magnetic and considerably more expensive.

How can I use magnetic tape?

You can use highly flexible magnetic tape to attach handwritten office and warehouse labels to steel surfaces. Simply cut the long roll into any length you need with scissors. You can even use tapes with adhesive backing to fit fly screens and glazing onto windows or to make your signage magnetic. Brightly coloured, reflective magnetic hazard warning tapes are also ideal for industrial complexes where obstacles and areas of concern need to be highlighted and avoided.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel vertically. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel)  are generally able to hold around 30% of the pull force listed due to the effects of gravity and the lack of traction between the surface and the shiny magnet.