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Magnetic Labels & Patches

Frenergy Magnets supplies Magnetic Labelling products to customers that range from large-scale industrial warehousing companies to small business offices and home-based Sole Traders. Successful business people need to be organised and keeping track of inventory and maximising storage space is an important factor in achieving that goal. This is an area where easy-to-attach and easily removed Magnetic Labelling systems can really help.

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Magnetic Labels & Patches

Pre-cut magnetic Pallet Rack Labels can be purchased in many commonly-used sizes and in a range of popular colours. The blank flexible magnetic strips can be handwritten onto with a dry-erase marker, which means removing and reusing the strip is easy and very economical. Of course, if you have a label printer in your office, you can adhere your printed label to the glossy front (non-magnetic side) of the magnetic strip, thus making it magnetic and able to attach to metal racking. shelves, filing cabinets, machinery and vehicles. The printer-type labels are not so easy to remove however and it will be a little harder to repurpose the magnet later on.

View our Patch Magnets if you need to magnetise your existing non-magnetic labels and signage. These small magnetic Tabs have their own adhesive backing that can be glued to your paper label, graphic or sign. The other side is magnetic and will allow your pallet rack label or sign to bond to any steel surface.

A4 and A3 printable Magnetic Paper is another popular Frenergy product that lets you print magnetic signage and graphics using most regular office printers. The FAQ section of the website has information on printers and magnetic paper.
Frenergy also has Magnetic Long Strips that are another versatile option for creating flexible magnetic labels in lengths of your choosing. These strips are not pre-cut and are similar to magnetic tapes. The magnetic strips can be purchased in long rolls up to 150 metres which are easy to cut with scissors to the length you need. This range of products includes magnetic strips in various colours and come in width dimensions up to 50mm.

You may find that Magnetic Rolls are able to meet your requirements when making magnetic signs or labels. These wide rolls of magnetic sheeting are easy to cut to any size. Some have a white gloss PVC surface that can be written onto and otters have adhesive on the back that your non-magnetic sign or identifying label can attach to so it becomes magnetic.



How can I use magnetic labels?
Magnetic Labels keep offices, storage facilities and warehouses organised by making it easy to identify product locations and storage areas in a simpler, more efficient manner. These locations usually contain a lot of steel surfaces that are perfect for magnetic labelling. Magnetic Labels are fast to apply and can be repurposed over and over in a new location.

What are magnetic labels made from?
Ferrite powder is the main magnetic component of most Flexible Label Magnets. A rubber medium is used to suspend the Ceramic material and keep it flexible. Glossy non-magnetic surfaces use a PVC coating that can be written on.

How strong are magnetic labels?
Magnetic Labels are not designed to hold weights so they don’t need to exert strong magnetic holding power. The lightweight Ferrite material in most Label Magnets is ideal for magnetic labelling because the rewritable PVC coatings are easy to apply to the rubber surface and the practical finished product is very economical to manufacture and purchase.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel vertically. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel)  are generally able to hold around 30% of the pull force listed due to the effects of gravity and the lack of traction between the surface and the shiny magnet.