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5kg - 10kg

As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of magnets, Frenergy prides itself on being your trusted one stop shop for magnets and magnetic products. We specialise in Neodymium magnets of the best quality and the largest range however we ensure we keep stock of all types of permanent magnets including Ferrite, Samarium Cobalt and Alnico. To assist our customers in finding magnets online we have grouped the following magnets by strength. Here you will find a list of magnets with a holding power of 5 - 10 kilograms. These small magnets must be handled with care as strong Neodymium magnets of this strength can cause injuries to fingers and hands if not handled correctly.

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Frenergy is an Australian company and we pack orders daily in our Sydney warehouse to ensure our customers get their magnets quickly. We have a range of delivery options to choose from with trusted delivery partners. Unlike other online providers who are based overseas, our location enables us to get your magnets to your door as quickly as possible. If you are looking for ‘magnets near me’ then look no further. You won’t find the range or quality we offer available in any general stores like Officeworks or Bunnings. We also have fantastic bulk order discounts, the more you buy the cheaper it gets.


Buying online with confidence

We know it can be difficult to purchase magnets online with confidence so we ensure we include as much information in the product page as we can. Here you will find the type, shape, size, grade and coating of each magnet. The type of magnet is the chemical composition of the magnet. Neodymium magnets are the most popular magnet as they are far stronger than other types of permanent magnet such as Ferrite, Alnico or Samarium Cobalt.
Neo magnets also come in the broadest array of shapes including Spheres, Cubes, Blocks, Rings and Cylinders. The sizes available range from micro magnets that are just a millimetre or two in size right through to large industrial magnets that form part of professional apparatus.

The grade of each magnet indicates the strength of the magnetic material present. N35 is the lowest grade and N52 the highest. A magnet in N52 grade will be far stronger in magnetic strength than an N35 magnet of the exact same dimensions.
Coatings are one more factor in a magnet’s operating performance. A magnet with a Teflon or Parylene coating will be far more suited to a humid environment over a magnet with the standard Nickel plating. Likewise a plastic or rubber coating lends the magnet a robust outer shell that will enable it to withstand some rough handling that can break or shatter the brittle Neodymium magnet.

Choose the magnetic strength

It can be difficult to know what strength of magnet is required. We know from customer feedback this is one of the most difficult aspects to consider when ordering magnets online.
Choosing the best magnetic strength is key to ensuring your magnet is fit for purpose. To assist our customers we have put together a few quick link categories such as this 5 - 10 kilogram category. This kilogram measure is the pull force, a measure of strength given to all magnets. There are multiple factors that influence the strength of a magnet including the amount of magnetic material present, the distance between the poles and the coating of the magnet to name a few.

The pull force is measured in kilograms and indicates the greatest holding power that any particular magnet is able to achieve. This is measured within the parameters of the industry standard; that is, the weight in kilograms the magnet can hold when directly adhered to 10mm thick steel. For a magnet to achieve full saturation of the magnetic field it is important for this thickness of steel to be 10mm. If the steel is thinner the resulting magnetic hold will be weaker. This is one key consideration when choosing the magnet for your application. We are always happy to assist our customer so please get in touch if we can help

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel vertically. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around 30% of the pull force listed due to the effects of gravity and the lack of traction between the surface and the shiny magnet.