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Neodymium Countersunk

Countersunk Hole Magnets are very popular amongst tradespeople and fabricators. Frequently used as magnetic closures for cabinets, gates and door latches and any other hidden magnetic closure mechanism. The hole allows the Neodymium magnet to be secured on any surface with a screw or bolt. Rare Earth magnets are brittle and can break easily if mishandled; countersunk magnets provide a convenient means of securing the magnet without causing damage.
Countersunk magnets are commonly used for shop-fitting, shelving and lighting fixtures, window and screen displays as well as to hold and hang signage. Browse this listing for more available sizes or get in contact with our sales team if you have any questions.

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Our range

Countersunk hole magnets come in varied shapes and sizes as well as being available as a Pot Magnet. The smallest countersunk size we stock is 12mm diameter which holds up to 2.5kg and the largest is 75mm diameter which is rated at 162kg holding force! The most popular shape for pot magnets is the round magnet, occasionally referred to as a Neodymium disc countersunk hole magnet however the magnet is better characterised as a ring rather than a disc.


We stock two sets of paired countersunk hole magnets. This means that the magnets are configured in such a way that they can be used to magnetically adhere to each other. This enables the user to attach two non-magnetic objects together with magnetic holding power. The magnets are sold individually and can be used separately or as a pair.

Rectangular countersunk magnets are available in several sizes and depending on their size, may have one or two holes. These are great for use in long narrow positions such as a recess in door jambs or window frames. Rectangular pot magnets are a relatively new product and consist of a rectangular Neodymium magnet housed in a steel U profile housing. The steel case helps to protect the magnet from damage and also enhances the magnetic power the magnet is able to achieve.

There are a number of countersunk pot magnets available and these are a very popular product with customers regardless of industry. Powerful Neodymium magnets are further amplified by the steel pot which forces the magnetic field around to the working face of the magnet. The countersunk hole allows for easy and convenient attachment and removal of these heavy duty industrial magnets. Pot Magnets also come in a range of other formats including male and female threads.

We are often contacted by customers looking for solutions for gates and doors which are difficult to secure due to wind or other factors. We stock a number of kits for cabinets, displays, gates and doors - these kits come in a range of sizes to suit your individual project. Easy to install and powerful once in place. Each kit comes with all you require to get the job done; neodymium magnetic steel cup, strike plate, noise buffering pads and mounting screws.

Buying online with confidence

We are an Australian company and we pride ourselves on being one of Australia’s most popular magnet suppliers. We continue to invest in our website to ensure it is an accessible and user friendly way for our customers to buy magnets online with confidence.

We know you won’t find the range of magnets we stock in any bricks and mortar store so we try to make the online purchasing experience as easy as possible. We want you to buy magnets online with confidence. Many people look at buying magnets from Ebay or Amazon however we know this can be a fraught experience with many online suppliers selling bad quality magnets and magnets that need to be shipped from overseas. Our Sydney based warehouse holds lots of stock and you can have faith that if an item is shown as available online then it is in our warehouse ready to ship to you that very same day.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel vertically. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around 30% of the pull force listed due to the effects of gravity and the lack of traction between the surface and the shiny magnet.