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Mounting Pot Magnets

Most of our listed Magnetic Hooks, Pot Holder Magnets and Magnetic Clips are made of the highest quality Neodymium Rare Earth material and some others are of Ferrite material.

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Mounting Pot Magnets

Mounting Pot Magnets

Holding Pot Magnet Properties

Pot magnets have a steel cover over the magnet that increases its magnetic strength and also makes the magnet more durable and resistant to damage and corrosion. The magnetic field is deflected downward by the steel cover (Pot) toward the uncovered base of the magnet. This increases the holding capacity of this surface and gives the magnet a stronger overall holding power. Substituting standard magnets with Pot Magnets means more weight can be supported by a similar-sized magnet. This can be important for applications where weight savings make a big difference.

The steel casing is also often used to house an attachment point or hanging accessory of some kind. This can include a hook, eyelet, male thread, female thread, or countersunk hole. The steel-encased Holding Pot magnets can be round or rectangular and may contain a Ferrite Ring magnet, a single Neodymium Disc magnet or a single Neodymium Block magnet beneath the metal cover. Rubber-coated Pot magnets usually contain a series of small Neodymium discs.

  • Ferrite Holding Pot magnets have less in terms of holding power but have excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • Neodymium Holding Pot magnets are very strong but are less resistant to corrosion and are less suited to long-term outdoor applications.
  • Rubber coated Pot magnets are often used to solve both these issues in many applications.

How to use Pot Magnets

Unlike other magnet types, prefabricated Pot magnet assemblies are specifically designed for holding, hanging, mounting, and metal retrieval applications. 

Our Magnetic hooks are also ideal for organising keys, kitchen utensils, memos, and other personal items on any magnetic surface including fridges, magnetic whiteboard, and for hanging tools on metal surfaces in your work shed. You can also use our hook magnets to hang a string of LED lights. Attach documents, drawings, and notes to magnetic surfaces with these magnetic hooks and clips. They are also ideal for displaying your child's artwork on the fridge or hanging up your shopping lists.

The multi-functional nature of magnetic hooks, pot holder magnets, and magnetic clips also make them highly sought after for organising your home, office, warehouse, or school. As for our pot magnets, they are ideal for jobs such as metal fabrication, shop displays, construction, education, and training.

Pot Magnet Products

Our pot magnets come in 4 different types; countersunk hole, round hole, and female or male threaded magnets. Frenergy has Pot Magnets and Mounting Magnets to suit every situation and industry. Powerful industrial strength Neodymium Holding Magnets with eyelets can be attached to a rope and used for tool or metal retrieval on worksites.

Countersunk holes in Holding / Pot Magnets allow the magnet to be easily attached to another surface and makes this type of magnet one of the most popular products with Frenergy customers. A simple screw through the countersunk hole means the magnet can be attached to timber, masonry, or plastic. The range of metal encased magnets includes round and rectangular Neodymium products and magnetic Latch Kits for doors and cupboards.

Strong Pot magnets with eyelets are also popular with many of our customers who enjoy Magnetic Fishing in local waterways. Look for lost treasure while decontaminating the environment! You can purchase complete kits or single items for this exciting type of activity here.

Some of the Frenergy Pot magnets have a handle attachment or knob on a round base that makes the powerful magnet easier to remove when a casual holding need is no longer required. 

Other Pot magnets have strong Neodymium disc magnets with practical hooks or Neoprene P clips in varying diameters that are designed to gently support cables or hoses on industrial sites.

Rubber coated Pot Magnets have many small Neodymium magnets in a circular arrangement beneath one steel casing. They are available with Male and Female fixing holes and in different shapes and sizes. They are ideal for use on fragile painted surfaces and for outdoor applications, however, the bond strength is reduced because of the gap created by the rubber coating between the ferrous and magnetic surfaces.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel vertically. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel)  are generally able to hold around 30% of the pull force listed due to the effects of gravity and the lack of traction between the surface and the shiny magnet.