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50kg - 100kg

Frenergy is a proud Australian company supplying high quality magnets and magnetic products. We have an extensive range of Neodymium magnets and magnetic tools and equipment to suit our customer’s needs. Our secure online store is kept up to date with stock and pricing to ensure we deliver our customers an exceptional purchasing experience. If you have any questions about Rare Earth magnets, Ferrite magnets or anything magnet related we are always happy to help. To assist our customers in finding the best magnet for their needs we have assembled a number of categories. In this category customers can find industrial magnets with a hefty 50-100kgs in holding power.

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Our aim at Frenergy is to deliver our customers the best quality magnets at the cheapest prices. We keep plenty of stock in our Sydney warehouse and our staff are on hand to pack and ship orders promptly. We know price is an important consideration in any purchasing decision and we ensure our magnets are priced competitively. If you are purchasing bulk numbers of magnets you will be happy to see we have generous price breaks available. If you would like to discuss pricing or stock ahead of placing your order we welcome your call or email.

When it comes to magnets of this strength there really is only one option and that is Neodymium. These strong Rare Earth magnets leave all other forms of magnet in their wake. Ferrite magnets become unsuitably large and cumbersome at a scale large enough to achieve this hold. Neodymium magnets boast an excellent size to strength ratio which enables small magnets with super power.

This category includes examples of many different shapes of Neodymium magnets including block magnets, ring magnets and cylinder magnets. However the vast majority of the magnets that make up this category are Neodymium Mounting Pot magnets. They are consistently one of our top sellers and for very good reason. Pot magnets come with an inbuilt means of attaching them to a non magnetic object. There are a number of options including traditional bolt or screw attachments like male and female threads, countersunk and straight sided holes. There are also hook and eyelet mounting pot magnets which come ready to use with everything included. Recently we also delighted in adding magnetic cable tie mounting pots to our range. Cable ties can be easily threaded through the bracket attached to the rubber pot. Cable ties and magnets are the perfect marriage of convenience. 


Best uses for magnets with 50kg-100kg pull force?

When it comes to heavy duty magnets such as the ones available here they are best suited to industrial applications. Magnets of this capacity must be handled with extreme care as there is a real and significant risk of injury. Pot magnets can be used for a thousand applications. They are the perfect holding magnet as they come with a point of attachment to ensure a secure bond is achieved. Magnets are used in industrial settings to move and store heavy and bulky ferrous materials. They provide an added layer of safety to moving apparatus that utilize slings, clasps or grips to maneuver materials and equipment. 

There are also many specialty magnetic devices designed to withstand industrial scale applications. Take a look through our Equipment and Tools category to find the perfect product for your needs.

Fishing magnets are one type of mounting pot magnets we have seen increase in popularity in recent years. Magnetic fishing is the process of using large pot magnets with ropes threaded through eyelet attachments. These are used to find and adhere to ferrous metal objects which are submerged in waterways. Most fishing magnets have more than one eyelet attachment to assist with maneuvering and reeling in the magnet and its bounty.

Magnet fishing is at once a treasure hunter's paradise and an environmentalist’s dream. Fishing magnets can also be handy in the fight to revitalize clogged and contaminated waterways. Magnets are deployed to retrieve vehicles, bikes, trolleys and any other ferrous object that has sunk into the watery depths.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel vertically. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around 30% of the pull force listed due to the effects of gravity and the lack of traction between the surface and the shiny magnet.