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Fridge & Whiteboard Magnets

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The Frenergy range includes low-cost, flexible fridge magnets, button magnets, and small yet powerful Neodymium push pin products suitable for use on whiteboards at work or as refrigerator magnets at home. You can choose from the economical coloured Ferrite button magnets or the extra-strong, more expensive Neodymium versions to suit your budget or intended use.

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Types of fridge magnets and magnets for whiteboards available

Neodymium magnetic push pins are ideal for any magnetic whiteboard surface and more practical than old-fashioned push pins that puncture your document and damage the board behind.

The Frenergy range of self-adhesive magnetic patches and adhesive magnetic strips can convert your advertising material to custom magnets like magnetic business cards and magnetic calendars.

Coloured magnetic labels can brighten up your whiteboard presentation or bring important memos on the home refrigerator to the attention of family members. Strong Neodymium magnetic mini hooks and coloured clips can suspend papers, documents, memos and other materials from magnetic surfaces.

Flexible PVC magnetic tape, sold in one-metre lengths and a wide range of colours, can be written on and easily cut to any size. All our magnetic products use high-quality permanent magnetic material that is hard-wearing, practical, and convenient to use.

How do magnetic whiteboards work?

Magnetic whiteboards have a steel foundation under their dry-wipe writing surface. This steel core allows users to attach magnetic objects to the board, making it easy to stick documents and notes by simply using a small strong magnet.

A magnetic whiteboard has a white surface deposited on top of a thin layer of steel sheet metal instead of a particle board or MDF. Porcelain, melamine, and glass boards are not inherently magnetic, while laminated steel boards are magnetic. This is because laminated steel boards feature a steel backing that attracts magnets, making them ideal for attaching notes, photos, and other materials.

Steel comprises iron, a magnetic metal with loose, spinning electrons. This is why factory-made magnets, like those part of Frenergy’s range, can stick to refrigerators, whiteboards, and other steel surfaces. These magnets alter the north and south poles on one side so that they can stick to steel.

The steel sheet beneath the top whiteboard surface makes magnets stick to it. Steel has strong magnetic properties, which makes a whiteboard magnetic!

Frenergy can custom-make magnets for any application

We manufacture magnets of all sizes, strengths and grades, and even offer bulk discounts. Unsure of what you need? Our friendly team can help you find the right magnet for your purposes and within your budget. All you have to do is get in touch.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel vertically. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around 30% of the pull force listed due to the effects of gravity and the lack of traction between the surface and the shiny magnet.