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Crafts & Jewellery

Frenergy has Craft Magnets to make your hobby, artistic project or commercial venture unique, functional and more appealing. Magnetic snap fasteners and stitchable magnets in pairs can elevate your clothing, fashion accessories or jewellery designs to the next level. Small but strong craft magnets in various shapes and styles and magnets for jewellery projects can be purchased through the secure Frenergy online store. Almost every internet order is dispatched from our warehouse the same business day. Browse the Frenergy Craft Magnet category to find all your magnetic craft supplies including flexible magnetic strips for craft or strong craft magnets like the stylish and easy to use jewellery clasps and buttons.

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Modernise your hobby with craft magnets from Frenergy.

Innovative DIY Clothing and Fashion designers who like to be different often use small North and South paired magnets which they sew into hems or linings of garments to form a magnetic closure point or join. The Stitchable Button Magnets they use are encased in soft plastic so they are easily sewn into hems or linings to form a magnetic type of bond. Magnetic Button Snaps operate in a similar way and are ideal for providing alternative closure mechanisms on handmade bags and wallets. Depending on what type of hobby or creative work you are undertaking, strong Sphere and Ball Neodymium magnets can also be a helpful inclusion to make your design unique.

Make your creative work magnetic.

Flexible magnetic patches are small rectangular rubber magnets that have a peel-away adhesive on the back of each piece. Craft and DIY hobby enthusiasts attach these lightweight flexible magnets to artworks or handmade formal invitations to give them a magnetic capability or to make them suitable to use as fridge magnet style reminders. These low strength, low-cost Patch Magnets can add a magnetic feature to your creative projects without breaking the bank.

Use small and powerful magnets in your artistic designs. For small or special creative projects like handmade gifts, or when the cost is not a great concern, Neodymium magnets with peel-away adhesive cost a bit more but may be worth considering because of their unbeatable strength. Frenergy also has Sample Packs containing multiple very small but strong Neodymium magnets which are another magnet option offering great value for money.

Frenergy has all your magnetic craft and hobby materials online.

Easy to cut and very versatile Flexible Magnetic Sheeting is available in a range of colours and is perfect for lightweight craft projects. Frenergy also has tiny but very powerful Neodymium Micro Magnets that are popular with hobbyists, artists, model makers and craft enthusiasts everywhere.

Be sure to also check the Frenergy Office Supplies category and the magnetic accessories category for magnetic products that could also be helpful for your hobby or craft. The Office category contains magnetic clips, pins, hooks, labels and tool holding products that can add a magnetic element to your creation and the Accessories category has magnetic products to help organise your workspace.


Where to buy magnetic clasps for jewellery?
Find magnetic clasps for jewellery making projects on the Frenergy website in the Crafts and Jewelry Magnet category. Online orders over $50 are eligible for free standard shipping Australia wide!

Where to buy magnets for crafts?
If you need magnets for craft projects or hobbies you should browse the Frenergy online store. Our extensive range of magnets includes small and powerful magnets and flexible magnetic material to help complete your project at competitive prices. Buy with confidence using our safe online payment options and enjoy fast shipping. Contact our friendly sales team if you have any queries or need advice choosing a magnet.

How to use magnets for crafts?
Use magnets to enhance the design, appearance or operation of your craft project or hobby. Magnets can be used to replace permanent and invasive fasteners like bolts, screws and rivets. Most customers use epoxy glue to hold the magnets in place or stitch the magnets into place inside garments, soft coverings and clothing. Magnetic clasps for jewellery-making or creating magnetic fashion accessories are becoming more and more popular and easy to find on the Frenergy website. Model train, boat and aeroplane enthusiasts are always finding ways to include magnets in their small or large scale replicas. If your hobby involves making electric motors to generate power, you can find copper wire to make electric motor windings here.

More helpful information about Frenergy’s Craft and Jewelry magnets can be found in the FAQ pages

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel vertically. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around 30% of the pull force listed due to the effects of gravity and the lack of traction between the surface and the shiny magnet.