Neodymium (Rare Earth Magnets)

Q: Is there a North and South Pole or one pole? 
A: All magnets have a north and south pole. There is no such thing as a monopole magnet. ALL magnets attract and repel. There is no such thing as a magnet that just "attracts only". A magnet must have a North and South Pole.

North to North repel and South to South repel.

North to South attract and South to North attract.

Q: What are the applications for magnets? 
A: The applications are endless and limited only by your imagination. For example, magnets are used in all industries from industrial, commercial, medical, mining, arts, crafts, household, hardware, farming, health & medical, hobbyists, prototyping, shop-fitting etc. Here are just a few...

Electric motor industry: Permanent Motor, Mini motor(libration motor), Motor for an electric bicycle. 

Q: What is the life cycle of the magnetism in a magnet? 
A: Our magnets are neodymium (or Rare Earth magnets), they are permanent magnets and do not lose their magnetism over time like ceramic ferrite magnets.

Q: How long does it take for the magnetism to lose its strength? 
A: If magnets are heated above 80-100 degrees C they will start to lose their magnetism. Theory suggests these permanent magnets would lose around 1-5% over 10 years however this depends on many variables. Once lost, the magnetism does not return and cannot be remagnetised.

Q: Will my magnets demagnetise if I heat them?
A: Yes, if you heat them beyond 170 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius) the magnets will quickly lose their magnetic properties. Sustaining these temperatures for a length of time or heating the magnet significantly higher than this will permanently demagnetise it. Other types of magnets such as Samarium-Cobalt have higher heat resistance(below 300 degrees Celsius). There are also other types of Nd-Fe-B magnets that are not as susceptible to heat-induced flux degradation, H grade could withstand 100 degree Celsius, SH grade 150 oC , UH grade 180oC, and EH grade 200oC

Q: Does low temperature affect the strength of the magnets (say -40C)? 
A: Low temperature does not affect negatively on the magnets.

Q: What temperature would the magnet start to permanently lose strength? 
A: Above 80 degrees is recommended by the manufacturer.

Q: What are the tolerances of the magnets? 
A: The tolerances are +/- 0.05mm.

Q: Which magnet is stronger - the N35 or the N50? 
A: N50 is much stronger than the weaker N35. The strongest available grade of magnet in the commercial market is N52.

Q: Do magnets with a larger diameter will have more magnetic power? 
A: The larger the mass, generally the more power.

Q: What is the strongest magnet we stock?
A: We have many extremely strong and dangerous magnets available. You can view the different sizes and shapes in the Magnets Category. We also have a magnetic force calculator on the website for comparative purposes.

Q: Will the magnets be at all stronger if I put two together? 
A: Yes, if you join two magnets together it will have the almost identical effect as a single magnet the same size, effectively doubling the strength.

Q: Can these magnets be machined to size in a lathe without damaging the magnetic field? 
A: Machining is possible but not recommended. The magnetic material is coated with nickel. Once you remove the nickel coating oxidisation occurs which affects the durability of the magnet.

Q: I am interested in magnets that will repel each other in order to make one magnet float. Is this easy? 
A: All magnets will repel each other if the poles are the opposite. To hover a magnet is very very difficult and with 2 magnets alone it is impossible. However, some artists have attached magnets to strings and the strings are just short enough to attract them without letting them attach, thus giving a hovering effect. You can also get a levitation effect using an electromagnet.

Q: I would like to get a single pole magnet or mono-pole?
A: They don't exist. All magnets have two poles, a North and South.

Q: Do magnets pose a health risk?
A: No, unless you have an internal medical device such as a pacemaker that would be affected by a strong magnetic field. However, Nd-Fe-B magnets are very strong and should be handled with care. These magnets can pinch if allowed to come together against the skin. All our magnets are shipped with Safety and Handling instructions. If you are unsure please contact us.


Payment can be made via:

1. Direct Deposit, contact our office for more information.
2. Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX accepted).
3. PayPal.

Custom Magnets

Q: Is that possible to get custom magnets and how long it takes? 
A: A minimum order of $1000AUD is required for custom magnets, due to the high cost of creating a mould for manufacturing, and tooling fees. 

Q: I only have a small budget. Can I still get custom magnets made? 
A: For a small budget, we recommend the products already stocked on our website. All the magnets we stock are shown. Try to change your design suitable for a magnet that we already stock. It's the best option for a small budget.

Q: I am looking for multipole, diametrically magnetised ring magnets. Do you have anything like this in stock? 
A: We do stock very few diametrically magnetised magnets. Diametrically and multi-pole magnetised magnets are not common and as such, you would need to make them in a large batch of several 100 or 1000. While we can produce them we would need a bulk quantity to justify the production mould.

Shop Front/Retail Store

Q: Do you have a shop front I could visit? 
A: We do not have a storefront, we are an online business only.

Q: Is it possible to pick up purchased items? 
A: Yes, you may. Pickup is available from our warehouse in Rozelle, Sydney. Hours are 10am-3pm, weekdays only. Place your order online and opt for Pick Up at the checkout.

Q: Is your shop an Australian company and are you based in Australia? 
A: Yes, we are in Australia. You need to be a registered Australian business to have a *.com.au website.


Q: Is that possible to put magnets on a plane and ship overseas? 
A: We must carefully shield the packaging to comply with air shipment guidelines. The requirement is 0.059 A/m @ 2.1m from the package surface. The magnets we air-courier internationally are tested and shipped to meet these requirements.


Q: Do you offer a discount for bulk purchases?
A: Yes we do. Most of the items already have tier pricing on the website. But if you are looking at higher volume, please contact us .

Q: Can we get a wholesale price list and catalogue of your products so that we may resell them through our shop?
A: Our online catalogue shows the items we stock. We offer discounts depending on the volume/amount purchased. The rates change frequently so a hard copy catalogue is not available. If you can tell us specifically which products you are interested in stocking we will be able to offer you a wholesale price.


Q: I may need more of the same items in the near future (6 months or less). Do you keep the consistency of the supply of your magnets?
A: Yes we keep a constant supply of our standard magnets lines. If we do become out of stock we usually have them back in stock within 2-3 months.


Q: Is that possible to first obtain a small sample of the product before I go through with the purchase? 
A: You are able to buy single magnets from the website if you need it. As we constantly get requests for free samples we are unable to satisfy these demands.

Q: Is there a cheap way I can organise one sample magnet (i.e disc) so I can see that it works for what I need?
A: We get hundreds of requests for samples but it is not economical to meet these demands. You can purchase a single item from the website.

Magnet Care and Handling

Q: Is there any chance of a replacement for 2 of my magnets that I purchased. I was putting 2 together to make slightly stronger for what I needed and as I was joining them they actually smashed together and the edges of 2 of them broke and are now very sharp.
A: We cannot accept broken magnets back for replacement. We include safety and handling instructions with all magnetic items we send. In addition, the safety instructions are also shown on the item description and also on our website. Neodymium magnets are very powerful and care must be taken when handling them to avoid breaking or chipping them.

Q. Can I travel via air with magnets?
A. For a copy of our Customs Declaration please click here.

Magnetic Bearings

Q: How I keep the magnets together? 
A: Please read the item description. These magnets are supplied in sets of 12 magnets and are NOT assembled in the ring arrangement for you. You will need to assemble the magnets in the desired locations as described by the diagram below. We recommend you will have a sufficient workshop and engineering knowledge to set up the ring arrangement. The magnets are very powerful and you can't simply place them together with your hands, you WILL NEED specific tools to hold in place and secure these magnets. You will need to arrange these into the shape using a template or some other holding device. I am currently investigating the best method to do this and think that a curve steel track will suffice.

Copper Wires

Q: Do you wind these coils yourself?
A: These are not coils, they are just magnetic wires used in coils and windings.

Magnetic Bracelets and Jewellery

Q: Is the bracelet able to make smaller as I have a small wrist?
A: Yes the links can be removed to make it smaller, just like a steel watch band.

Q: Would the Tungsten Bracelet colour fade away?
A: No this will never fade. It is made from the strongest metal available.

Q: I'd just like to know if any of your tungsten bracelets are available in larger sizes?
A: All the tungsten bracelets are the standard size as described.

Magnetic Health

Q: The mark on one side of the magnet represents which pole? do you wear it with the mark to the skin or on the top side?
A: The dot represents the North Pole. The recommended orientation suggests the North Pole be placed towards the skin surface.

Magnetic Lifters

Q: What are the functional differences between the PML and PMLR lifters?
A: The PML-R is designed specifically for both flat and round bar. It has a unique V-shape at the bottom. The PML is specifically designed for flat, although it can also handle round bar, it has a flat surface, it doesn't hold the round bar as well as the PMLR. Related to the contact surface area.

Q: How do you think these (PMJ-30) would perform lifting 2mm sheets of sheet metal? I want to be able to manoeuvre them at an angle. Sheets that are formed (bent).
A: This item is designed for lifting sheet metal. I am not sure how the operation at an angle will be as the handle should remain at 90 degrees to the sheet. The on-off operation is governed by a cam which is instigated by the lever position.

Magnetic Automotive

Q: I need fuel saver for Hyundai i30, can I use this item? 
A: Yes this item is a universal fit.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?
A: The product can be returned if faulty but the performance and claims are from the manufacturer. We are only the supplier, not a manufacturer.

Q: Can you explain how Magnetic Fuel Saver works?
A: The manufacturer of this item claims the magnets affect the fuel in the line which in turn improves efficiency. I do not know about the science underpinning the manufacturer's claims. To further improve fuel consumption I would remove as much extra weight from the car and also adjust driving habits which would probably give more benefit. They say that removing your spare tire improves efficiency due to less weight in the car, but I wouldn't like to get a flat if I removed the spare :)

Q: Do your Powermag sets contain Neodymium Magnets and how powerful are they?
A: Yes they contain neodymium magnets. They are very powerful. However, there are no manufacturer's specifications on the packages relating to the N-rating.

Q: I am looking for a magnet that will be strong enough for me to use it in the construction of a homemade DC motor.
A: There are 100's of magnets we stock that can be used for DC motors. It depends on the size and shape you want. We sell neodymium magnets and they are the strongest and most efficient.

Q: Does Powermag Magnetic Fuel Savers fit all types of vehicles? I have noticed that other sellers mention vehicle makes, or are they all universal?
A: Yes this is a universal type product and the diameter of the pipe is variable.

Q: Is there any documented evidence that Powermag Magnetic Fuel Saver actually give some performance improvements?
A: We can absolutely not give a guarantee for several reasons;

  • You would need to have identical driving conditions for comparison which is in practice impossible.
  • We cannot confirm nor have the facilities to test and confirm the manufacturer's claims.
  • Only the manufacturer could give this guarantee which they do not give, please read the benefits section, we are only the stockists of this product.
  • Any person claiming that they could give you a guarantee is either not intelligent, lying or a rip-off merchant.

Q: Can you guarantee these devices (Powermag Magnetic Fuel Saver) will increase mileage?
A: Only the manufacturer could give this guarantee which they do not give, please read the benefits section. We are only the stockists of this product.

Q: Can you offer a one-month money-back guarantee?
A: Only the manufacturer could give this guarantee which they do not give, please read the benefits section. We are only the stockists of this product.

Q: I use Molybdenum DiSulphide compound as a friction proofing in all my engines, Will Powermag Oil Filter Magnet units draw the Moly from the oil?? I am not sure if Moly is magnetically attracted.
A: Paramagnetic metals have a small and positive susceptibility to magnetic fields. These materials are slightly attracted by a magnetic field and the material does not retain the magnetic properties when the external field is removed. Paramagnetic properties are due to the presence of some unpaired electrons, and from the realignment of the electron orbits caused by the external magnetic field. Paramagnetic materials include magnesium, molybdenum, lithium, and tantalum. So answer, only slightly attracted.

Wind Turbines and Generators

Q: I need eight magnets about 40mm x 10mm. I'm not sure about the strength but I'm making a generator. Is N52 the best way to go?
A: Making a generator is not about the most powerful magnets, It is a balance between iron content, copper and windings and also magnets. You won't get more power out of a generator if you use the strongest magnets with low iron content and improper windings.

Magnetic Sheets and Strips

Q: I am wondering whether you can offer any advice on the use of a super-strong adhesive to stick magnets to a surface. Can you suggest any good quality bonding product? 
A: Any metal to metal superglue is fine. That's what I always recommend. Most hardware stores have this type of superglue. It works best if the surface is not porous.

Q: I'm not sure what "Magnetic Sheets A3 x 0.9 mm PVC White Gloss" are used for? Can they produce a magnetic field, similarly to rigid magnets? 
A: Magnetic sheets are the same material as magnetic business cards or magnetic fridge magnets; they are rubberised magnetic flexible material and around 10% only as strong as solid permanent magnets

Q: With the flexible magnetic sheets, how strong can the magnet strength be? We are looking to hold items to the roof of a car at speed so the magnetic pull needs to be quite strong.
A: Magnetic strength is dependent on thickness. Flexible magnetic rubber is the weakest of all the magnets we sell. These are usually suitable but you must consider the speed of the car wind resistance/lift issues. I recommend doing some tests to ensure it doesn't fly off, and a minimum of 0.8mm thickness.

Q: Does this Magnetic Tape stick to itself, ie. if I put a strip on the wall and another on the back of a poster would they magnetically stick to one another? I've heard you need an A & B side for this to actually work properly?
A: No, this is not the case with flexible rubber magnets we sell, they are both North and South strips on one side allowing them to stick to each other.

Q: Have you checked the accuracy of these tape measures? I am thinking of using one on a radial arm saw fence to measure timber but do not want it if it is not accurate.
A: The ruler is not certified by any certification body. They are made of rubberised magnetised material, similar to fridge magnets. I have checked them against a metal ruler and a wooden ruler and they are within +/- 1mm. If you are worried about accuracy I suggest a metal ruler. The only true accuracy of a 1-meter rule is: Distance traversed in vacuum by light in 1/299792458 of a second (17th CGPM )

Q: I am trying to connect some Perspex to my window, would this below product be suitable and strong enough to hold it?? (Magnetic Tape 1M x 20mm x 0.9 mm PVC White Gloss)
A: No, this is for holding lightweight items such as paper or for writing on the white gloss. I suggest using magnets for holding purposes.

Q: I presumed it was both sides of the magnet +/- is it possible to get the other side?
A: None of our magnetic sheets or strips are magnetised on both sides. You might like to join two together using the adhesive side to get the magnetisation on both sides.

Q: I am looking at your Magnetic Sheets A3 x 0.6 mm PVC White Gloss, are these inkjet printable? If not, what do you have that is inkjet printable and suitable for a car.
A: These white glosses are not suitable for printing unless it is a permanent ink that will stick to PVC (plastic) coated material. Some printers are able to print to this but some are not. Also, your printer must be able to accept 0.6mm sheets otherwise it won't be able to accept the sheet, some printers are able to accept this and some are not. For peace of mind, you might like to try the self-adhesive sheets in this size. You can then print to normal paper and stick the printed paper to the sticky side of the sheet.

Magnetic Sweepers

Q: We have an engineering workshop, and as such generate a fair amount of swarf. Which model would be best for us? This one or the smaller heavy-duty model with a release? How do we empty the swarf from this one? This model is wider so I was thinking that it would be better for us?
A: It depends on the size of the swarf and also how accessible is the area to clean. We have handheld ones which are great for around tight spots and on workbenches but for floors, I would recommend the one with a hand release mechanism but it is more expensive. Saves a lot of time though. If you are after the one without hand release, we have a few sizes for it that should be suitable for your purpose. It has a release mechanism at the base which you pull out to release the material.

Magnetic Hooks and Holders

Q: I'm interested in using some of your magnetic hooks in my garage that is made from Colorbond steel. Given that Colorbond is relatively thin, I was wondering how much this would affect the magnets stated holding power. Also, if i was hanging something heavy from the hook on the Colourbond, is there a chance the magnet could rip a hole in the Colourbond rather than separate from it (i.e is there a maximum weight you would recommend suspending from one of you hooks attached to Colorbond)? I appreciate any advice you can give, and realise you probably can't give any guarantees along these lines.

A: Yes, the thickness and surface quality does affect the holding force, also the position whether horizontal (rated strength position) or vertical (divide holding force by 3) affects the holding force. There is probably no chance that the magnet could rip a hole through the sheet steel unless it was rusted or not connected properly. Also, Colorbond is weakly attractive only to the magnets. Basically, magnets won't stick to Colorbond guttering.