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Magnetic Fishing

Magnetic fishing is a popular sport and recreational hobby. Using strong Neodymium pot magnets attached to ropes, ferrous metal items are dragged from the watery depths of rivers, lakes and oceans. Many people enjoy the thrill of the treasure hunt. For others, it’s a way to clean up and care for the environment. Frenergy has a great range of fishing magnets, and we also stock handy magnet fishing kits for those just starting out on their magnetic fishing adventure.

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Fishing magnets are a new twist on the ever-popular, best-selling pot magnet. The type of attachment makes a fishing magnet different from a standard pot magnet. Eyelets, unlike hooks, allow you to pull rope through the hole to pull the magnets in multiple directions when in use. Some fishing magnets have a number of eyelets attached to the steel pot allowing for multiple ropes and, therefore, greater control and additional pulling power.

Like pot magnets, Neodymium fishing magnets consist of a Neodymium ring magnet housed in a steel casing. The steel casing enhances the magnet's power, redirecting the powerful magnetic field downwards to the base. This means magnetic strength is significantly increased without requiring a larger size. The steel casing has the added benefit of protecting the Rare Earth magnet housed inside. These magnets are brittle in nature, and the steel case provides much-needed protection from the impact of attaching strong magnets to hard metal objects. Pot magnets are fantastic multi-purpose tools suitable for workshops and recreational pursuits.

Our Range of Magnets for Fishing

Pulling heavy ferrous metal objects from ponds, creeks, and the sea takes a great deal of magnetic power to combat the extra drag created by water and unseen obstacles. Frenergy stocks a wide range of Magnet Fishing magnets to cater to all our customers’ needs. We understand some customers use fishing magnets, also known as eyelet magnets, to retrieve small metallic objects like bolts and screws and only require a moderate pull force, such as our 5.5kg or 9kg options. If you wish to retrieve large and heavy ferrous items such as bikes, trolleys, or trailers—whatever you wish to pull from the water, our range extends right through to 600kg and 1000kg pull force magnets!

You may be asking, “What is a pull force?” This is the greatest holding power a magnet can achieve. Each magnet’s magnetic power is measured per kilogram of weight it can hold when adhered with direct surface contact to 10mm thick steel. The 10mm thick steel is the standard as it allows full magnetic field saturation, not necessarily possible with thinner steel.

When it comes to magnetic fishing it can be difficult to determine the best pull force to choose. Fishing magnets must contend with the force of the water and the potential that the ferrous metal item is thin steel or irregular in shape. Fishing magnets are available with extremely strong magnet pull forces to contend with these issues however great care needs to be taken in their handling. Experts should only use powerful magnets—safe handling guidelines must be read before the item is used. Incorrect handling may result in severe injury.

Our magnet fishing kits are great for beginners as they include nylon rope and gloves so you can get started straight away. There are three options available: a 48mm, 60mm or 75mm diameter pot magnet. The pull force for these magnets is 80kg, 150kg or 200kg, respectively.


Is magnet fishing legal in Australia?

Magnet fishing is legal in Australia and as long as you follow some basic guidelines, you can join in the fun of discovering lost items, leaving our waterways cleaner than you found them, making some money on the side through selling scrap metal or other items – and enjoying a magnet fishing expedition with family or friends in the great outdoors. Check for restrictions such as State or National Park regulations, private property and local council restrictions wherever possible, before you start your magnet fishing expedition. 

 What is the best fishing magnet?

Pot magnets with an eyelet attachment are the best option for magnetic fishing. If you are new to magnetic fishing, you may wish to purchase one of our magnetic fishing kits, which include gloves, suitable rope and a choice between three of our most popular fishing magnets. 

How strong of a magnet do I need for magnet fishing? 

Frenergy has a range of magnets specifically designed for magnet fishing. You can select from magnets with a pull force of less than 200 kilograms, right up to some of our beefiest magnets with a pull force of 1000 kilograms. We can also guide you with information about the right rope size and other tips to make sure your magnet fishing expedition is safe and enjoyable. Whether magnet fishing becomes a weekend hobby or a serious pursuit, it is easy and affordable to get started. You only need a few important pieces of gear, including a magnet, rope, gloves, carabiner, and storage container. Frenergy has magnets designed to suit everyone, from kids to adults, and for retrieving small objects in the local creek to some serious treasure-hunting in Australia's waterways. Your hobby will also introduce you to the fascinating field of Neodymium Rare Earth magnets, the most powerful magnetic material on the planet. So not only will you learn as you explore the great Australian outdoors, but you'll also have the thrill of being Indiana Jones, adventuring into the unknown, even if it's just for the weekend.

What can you catch with magnet fishing? 

At its core, magnet fishing is a treasure hunt. There's the thrill of the find, and even if you don't pull in anything valuable, magnet fishing gives you a great excuse to head out to some beautiful places and enjoy a different kind of fishing. 
Magnet fishing is a simple concept – you attach a seriously strong magnet to a rope, throw it into the creek, the lake or the ocean and see what you pull in. The thrill of not knowing what you might find beneath the water's surface adds an element of adventure to every outing. From antique coins and jewellery to historical artifacts and forgotten relics, the possibilities are endless. Magnet fishing transforms ordinary bodies of water into vast repositories of hidden gems, just waiting to be unearthed by you, the intrepid magnet explorer. Whether you're casting your magnet into a lake, a river, or the breakers at the beach, each throw presents an opportunity for discovery.
Sometimes, your treasure will be worth some serious cash, often it won't, but you'll leave the waterways cleaner, and you might make enough money from the scrap metal you pull in to buy more – or bigger - fishing magnets. It's easy to see why magnet fishing is so popular. It is a unique blend of recreation, exploration, and environmental stewardship. While the allure of uncovering hidden treasures is appealing, the benefits of magnet fishing extend far beyond mere excitement. 

Where to get magnets for fishing?

When sourcing magnets for magnet fishing in Australia, the best option is to purchase them online. Our website has a great range, from small eyelet pot magnets to double-sided powerful fishing magnets. It is easy to get caught up looking at eBay, Amazon, and other overseas providers; however, you won’t find the quality and local supply anywhere else that we have available at Frenergy.

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The Pull Force listed for each magnet is based on lifting 10mm thick steel vertically. Magnets on a vertical surface (of 10mm thick steel) are generally able to hold around 30% of the pull force listed due to the effects of gravity and the lack of traction between the surface and the shiny magnet.