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Neodymium Countersunk

Rare Earth Magnets with Countersunk Hole are very popular amongst tradespeople and fabricators and are often used as magnetic closures for cabinet, gate and door latches. and any other hidden magnetic closure mechanism.The hole allows the magnet to be secured on any surface with a screw or bolt.

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Neodymium Countersunk

Countersunk magnets are commonly used for shop-fitting, shelving and lighting fixture, window and screen displays as well to hold and hang signage.

The smallest countersunk size we stock is 12mm diameter which holds up to 2.5kg and the largest is 75mm diameter which is rated at 162kg holding force!

A few of our pot holder countersunk magnet sizes come in a matching opposite north/south pair allowing you can use these magnets to hold items together.

Countersunk pot magnets work best when attached directly onto a ferrous metallic surface. Browse this listing for more available sizes.

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