Magnet Safety

Please read the following information carefully for proper use, safety and handling of this product. Frenergy magnets will not be held responsible for the improper use or handling of these strong magnetic products. Should you have any questions regarding this product please email for further information. The holding strength quoted on the package is the maximum holding strength in ideal conditions (i.e. clean, flat steel surface) in the horizontal position.

If used in a vertical position the maximum holding strength is one third of the horizontal holding strength.

The holding strength of these magnetic products will reduce if the surfaces are coated, painted, coarse, rusty or if attached to materials with low magnetic properties (low magnetic permeability).


  • These magnets are very powerful and can quickly snap together. Please use caution when handling and keep fingers and other body parts well clear between separated magnets and/or metal surfaces.

  • People with pacemakers, insulin pumps and other medical implants or devices should consult their doctor before using or handling the magnets.

  • Do not cut or grind the magnets as the magnetic material is combustible.

  • To separate magnets, carefully slide them apart instead of attempting to pull them apart. Larger magnets may require special tools to separate and to hold them in place.

  • This product should not be used by children.

  • Keep magnets more than 30cm (1 foot) away from each other to avoid the risk of them smashing together which could cause the magnets to break, crack, chip or shatter.
  • Keep magnets away more than 30cm (1 foot) away from credit cards or any other magnetic storage media. The strong magnetic field from the magnets can wipe the information clear.

  • Do not heat magnets above 80ºC. If heated above this temperature the magnetic strength will reduce permanently.