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Q: Are your magnetic sheets inkjet printable?

Browse the White Sheet Magnet category where you can find A4 printable magnetic sheets in a range of thicknesses that are suitable for home printers. Frenergy has A4 size magnetic paper with a matte or gloss white PVC coating. These can be used to make magnetic signs. The matte finish paper is thin and works best in an ordinary office printer while the gloss paper will require a commercial printing machine.

We also have A4 magnetic sheets with adhesive on the non-magnetic side which you can attach to your standard paper sign so it becomes magnetic. We advise you to first make a test print with the magnetic paper to make sure it is compatible with your particular printer before ordering any large quantities.

Other useful products include 620mm, 1000mm and 1200mm wide sheets in one metre lengths or longer rolls. Flexible Steel rolls with adhesive backing are also available from Frenergy. These steel-based sheets are ideal for making DIY wall-mounted magnetic whiteboards or steel display surfaces for magnetic items only.