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Q: Do magnets pose a health risk?

Every order dispatched to Frenergy customers contains a Safety Warning brochure with important advice regarding magnet care and handling instructions. Please read this important information before handling your magnets. Our returns policy only applied to undamaged magnets.

All magnets have the potential to cause physical injury. Small magnets are an extremely dangerous choke hazard for children and can cause serious organ damage if swallowed.

Large magnets can cause bruising, blisters, tendon damage or more serious injuries when mishandled. Magnets can influence electric circuits and should always be avoided by individuals who have Pacemaker devices.

  • Correct handling can prevent potentially serious injuries to the skin and even bone damage.
  • It is extremely important to handle magnets correctly at all times. Read and follow the instructions provided.
  • Never allow children to handle magnets or access magnets without adult supervision.
  • Shards or splinters from magnets can also cause injury when magnets snap together or when they attract strongly across a table or bench.
  • PPE should be used to handle strong magnets and avoid injuries.
  • Store magnets safely and prevent children from accessing the magnets.

Frenergy can not replace damaged magnets that have been mishandled or used incorrectly. You can read the Frenergy Returns Policy here.