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Q: Does this Magnetic Tape stick to itself?

Q: Does this Magnetic Tape stick to itself, ie. if I put a strip on the wall and another on the back of a poster would they magnetically stick to one another? I've heard you need an A & B side for this to actually work properly?

Frenergy has Magnafix flexible tape which can be found in the Magnetic Roll category. These adhesive-backed paired tape systems are sold in matching A and B pairs that align with the North and South poles binding to each other.

Lightweight items like posters and photographs can be easily held with this product which has been designed to support far heavier objects such as lighboxes and perspex sheets.

Other types of flexible magnets are not designed to be used to magnetically adhere to themselves and would only provide a very weak magnitism. However small adhesive-backed Patch Magnets would be ideal to attach posters to a fridge or other metal surfaces. Pin Magnets will also easily hold your poster or artwork to a metal surface.


Please note: Attaching flexible tape magnets with self adhesive to non-metallic walls may cause some damage to the wall surface or paint when the time comes to remove the magnet.