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Q: I only have a small budget. Can I still get custom magnets made?

Due to the global pandemic conditions and the disruption this has caused to manufacturing and logistics in most countries, the cost of all magnetic products, including custom magnets has greatly increased. Minimum order quantities (MOQ) apply to custom made magnets to cover the cost of the tooling needed for products that are not in high demand. These custom order products will require an initial outlay of at least $1000 AUD plus the shipping costs from our overseas manufacturer.

For customers who have a limited budget, we recommend making some type of adaption or compromise to your magnetic requirements by using one of Frenergy’s stock magnet items. Consider using a stock magnet option with close or similar dimensions or perhaps combining two magnets to create the magnetic force that is needed for your project.

Spend $50 online to purchase some magnets with similar dimensions and receive free standard shipping. You can then trial them in your application. You can also, consider using a smaller magnet with higher N52 grade Neodymium to compensate for any loss of strength.

Free Standard Delivery Australia Wide On Orders Over $50.