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Q: I would like to get a single pole magnet or mono-pole?

All magnets are dipole and must have two poles, one North and one South. It is not possible to have a monopole or single pole magnet as one pole cannot operate without the other. The magnetic field flows from South to North and is generated by the alignment of magnetised molecules between the two poles. This is similar to the earth's North and South poles which can be used to point your compass in a northerly direction. Surprisingly, the geographic North Pole (Arctic) of the earth is actually a magnetic South; that's why the North end of the compass needle is attracted to it!
Some magnetic products can be Single-Sided in relation to the poles. Flexible magnetic sheeting such as Frenergy Coloured Sheet material is manufactured with both the North and South poles alternating on the same side of the sheet. This makes only one side (the non-coloured side) magnetic and allows the relatively thin and magnetically weak flexible material to bond with a metal surface. This is also the case with most other flexible magnetic materials including Magnetic Strip products and Self-Adhesive sheet products.