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Q: Is it possible to get custom magnets and how long does it take?

Global supply chains and logistics have been hugely impacted by the worldwide pandemic over recent years. Subsequent delays in production and the reduced frequency of transport routes have led to great uncertainty for manufacturers, retailers and consumers in every field. The pre-pandemic lead times for Neodymium orders were consistently around 8 weeks. The current (May 2022) lead time for custom order magnets from our manufacturers is around 12 to 16 weeks.

An order of at least $1000 AUD is necessary to commence production of non-stock magnets. Larger order numbers will attract a lower unit price but international shipping costs will be additional to the cost of production. Further to these already unfavourable circumstances is the issue of price and availability. Overseas manufacturers of rare earth magnetic products have had production quotas reduced while the price of raw materials for Neodymium products has escalated to record levels.

Frenergy will always try and keep prices as low as possible for our customers but recent market conditions, global fuel costs and scarce resources are proving to be extremely challenging in this regard.