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Q: Is magnetic tape strong enough to connect perspex to a window?

Frenergy has stronger magnetic tape products that are ideal for this type of application.
Applying perspex or acrylic double glazing to your windows is a sure way to improve the insulation of your home and save money on energy bills. The process is simple with Frengery’s Magnetic Rolls.

These matched pairs of flexible magnetic tape products include the popular Magnafix tape system. The flexible Magnafix magnetic tapes have adhesive on the back and paired A and B magnetic poles on the magnetic side of each tape.

Installation is easy. Cut the tapes to match the size of your window frame. Apply Part A to your fixed window frame with the adhesive backing. Cut and apply Part B to your perspex glazing with the adhesive backing. Be sure to prepare the surfaces by cleaning both sides to help maximise the adhesive bond.

Once in place and the adhesive backing has cured, the two parts will magnetically bond to each other exactly. Magnetically fitting your window glazing in this way makes it easy to remove the glazing for cleaning or when window access is needed.

Frenergy has these tapes in 12.5mm or 25mm wide rolls. You can also choose from the standard 3M adhesive backing or the Tesa adhesive backing which is more durable for outdoor use. The 3M 12.5mm tapes (59063A and B) can also be purchased in one metre lengths.