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Q: What are the applications for rare earth magnets?

Neodymium rare-earth magnets have superior holding strength compared to any other type of permanent magnet. The most prolific use of Neodymium magnets today occurs in the high-tech commercial areas of consumer electronics, defence equipment and systems, aerospace and in the manufacture of electric and hybrid motor vehicles. The development of rare earth magnets has continued to change the way engineers approach and solve design issues and has also influenced how they continue to develop the advancements and efficiencies seen in popular modern-day technologies such as electric vehicles and robotics.

Other technologies that use magnetically enhanced systems include sound recording and computer data storage, smartphones, security alarms, electric motors and generators. medical diagnostics (MRI), Maglev high-speed trains and numerous electrical sensors.

Low-tech applications involving magnetic fields and the attractive properties of magnets include magnetic lifting, door and cabinet latches, magnetic signage, swarf collection, industrial metal separation and general waste recycling, Simple and easy to use magnetic products are also handy around the home or office or for DIY projects. You can also use magnetic clips for displaying decorative items or hanging notes and artwork from metal surfaces.