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Q: What is the life cycle of the magnetism in a magnet?

All magnets with the exception of Electromagnets are called Permanent Magnets. The magnetic field of Permanent Magnets which are made from mined mineral resources does not degrade with the passing of time under normal conditions. However, outside influence can certainly impact the magnetic properties of Permanent Magnets and can cause their magnetic power to diminish or, in severe circumstances, even disappear completely. Any outside influence that impacts the alignment of the magnetic material inside the magnet can damage the efficiency and power of its magnetic field. Temperatures over 80℃ will start to impact the alignment of magnetic material inside most Neodymium magnets. The magnet can recover if the exposure time is short but extended exposure can damage the magnetic alignment of the magnet permanently. Mechanical damage, corrosion, contact with larger magnets and anything that disrupts the magnetic alignment between the North and South poles will reduce magnetic performance.