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Q: What is the strongest magnet we stock?

There are three factors that determine the holding strength or magnetic power relating to any particular magnet. One is the type of magnetic material the magnet is made from. Another is the grade of the rare earth magnetic material it contains. Finally, the dimensions of the magnet play another important part in determining the strength of a magnet. Frenergy supplies a wide range of magnets and magnetic products at very competitive prices. Most magnets in the range are made from rare earth Neodymium material which is the strongest magnetic material available. These Neodymium magnets can be selected in different N Grades that vary between the strongest N52 grade and the lower and weaker N35 Grade. Obviously, the strongest magnets in the Frenergy range will be made from rare earth N52 Grade Neodymium. The strongest pull force for a single magnet in the Frenergy range is a rare earth Neodymium disc magnet. It has huge dimensions and contains N52 Grade Neodymium and has a pull force of 311kg!.