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Q: Which magnet is stronger - the N35 or the N50?

Frenergy specialises in supplying customers with an extensive range of super strong permanent Neodymium Magnets. We stock numerous types of these rare earth magnetic products including very small micro magnets as well as very large magnets. Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets available and even some of our smallest magnets can hold many times their own weight!

In the past, the dimensions and mass of any magnet will be a good indicator of its magnetic strength ie. larger magnets contain more magnetic material and are therefore magnetically stronger. However, the introduction of Neodymium material during the 1980s has meant larger weights can now be supported by smaller magnets that emit far stronger magnetic power. These superior Neodymium products can be further enhanced with incrementally stronger grades of Neodymium of which N52 is the highest/ and N35 is the lowest. Higher grades mean more magnetic power can be achieved with the same size magnet. This can be important for applications where stronger magnetic influence is required but space restrictions prevent using a larger magnet. Vehicle and alarm system sensors often benefit from this reduced size and weight advantage while not having to sacrifice any magnetic power.