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Frenergy is an online business specialising in Neodymium (Rare Earth) Magnets. We have been supplying Rare Earth magnets since 2002, and have been growing rapidly as a business ever since. We are renowned for excellent customer service, high quality products, and consistent low prices. We ship our magnets and magnetic products to all corners of the globe. We continue to keep our prices as low as possible and encourage getting in touch for bulk discounts on large orders. For any special requests or a quote on a custom magnet, please send us an email.

Frenergy has a comprehensive catalogue of over 1000 magnetic products for sale. You can buy magnetic products from our secure online store at very competitive prices. Bulk pricing can be applied to large orders and you can email us your special order or custom magnet designs for an estimate or quote. Orders over $50 receive free standard shipping across Australia.
Frenergy stocks a wide selection of magnet types that include Ferrite, Alnico, and Samarium Cobalt but mainly focuses on powerful Neodymium (Rare Earth) magnetic products that contain the strongest magnetic material available today. These Permanent magnets are made from the relatively new, super-strong Rare Earth minerals and have had a huge impact on how large manufacturers, engineers, scientific researchers and individual customers view and use magnets to create new or improved products and technologies.

Select the right magnet for your application by considering the shape, magnetic grade and size of the magnet you require. Although Neodymium magnets are compact and super-strong, they are susceptible to corrosive forces and can become demagnetised when exposed to temperatures above 80℃. Magnets made from other magnetic materials ( Ferrite or Samarium ) that have lower magnetic strength but have a better capacity for resisting heat and corrosion may be more suitable for use in these types of environments.
The range and number of applications that can be simplified or improved with magnetic products are endless.
The Frenergy website has categories of magnetic products including magnetic tools and assemblies that can benefit your business, factory, school or home.

Frenergy Pot Magnets are specially designed magnets for holding weight to vertical steel surfaces. They have a sturdy design that offers improved strength and holding capacity. Accessories such as threaded hooks and “P” clips can be added to the magnet in order to hang lights or run cables on construction sights or at outdoor events. Pot magnets with eyelets or countersunk attachment hole options are also available.

Magnetic Sweepers for collecting metal waste around workshops and our industrial-scale Lifting Tools that greatly improve safety in the workplace are other popular categories with our commercial customers.Flexible Magnetic Sheeting helps customers to make magnetic advertising or promotional products. It can also attach to vehicles or machinery to cover vents and openings or to offer a layer of protection to painted metal surfaces.

Frenergy also has some of the smallest Neodymium magnets available. These Micro magnets use the strength of Neodymium to make magnetic clasps and buttons for clothing and jewellery. At the other end of the scale, Neodymium Micro magnets are also important components in the operation of high-tech electronic consumer products, including smartphones, sensors and hearing aids.

Neodymium magnets that have their own peel-away adhesive backing have meant magnetic hold can be applied to non-ferrous surfaces. Many of these innovative self-adhesive Neodymium products are sold in matched Positive and Negative pole pairs that attract to each other and don’t require a steel surface to bond with.

Use the Frenergy website search function to filter our magnet products by size, material, shape, coating, magnetic grade or price. Contact our friendly staff if you need help determining which magnet you need or can’t find the product you’re looking for.
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